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The effective alternative to sprinkler systems

Thousands of products, wrapped in easily combustible packaging material, stocked densely on high racks and surrounded by electrical equipment… sounds like the perfect place for a fire to start and spread. Unfortunately, this also describes most automated high-rack warehouse facilities, which, given their design and stock abundance, carry a high risk of rapidly spreading fire. Indeed, experts speak of the “chimney effect” to explain how fires in such facilities quickly rise up and intensify when allowed to break out.

Fires in high-rack warehouse facilities are not only extremely dangerous to people and processes, they also prove difficult to suppress. That is why warehouse operators are increasingly looking for fire sprinkler alternatives - and for intelligent solutions to prevent a fire, rather than suppressing it ex post facto.

To start, fire needs a certain level of oxygen, heat, and fuel.
Combustible packaging material contributes the fuel. Technical defects, all too common in highly automated environments, along with electrical short circuits contribute the heat. All that’s left is oxygen, which, of course, is present in the ambient air.

In short: The risk of fire in high-rack warehouse facilities is particularly significant, and fire protection requirements are accordingly stringent. Fire safety planning must not only ensure that people are protected, but also that processes run smoothly and do not cause costly supply chain disruptions.

Traditionally, warehouse operators and pre-fire planners have relied on conventional sprinkler systems. The problem: water and other extinguishing agents used in these conventional fire suppression systems damage the stored goods, causing costly downtimes and delays in delivery times.

Enter WAGNER’s OxyReduct® solution for automated high-rack warehouse environments. Prioritizing prevention over damage control, OxyReduct® is a powerful fire sprinkler alternative.

Looking for an effective fire sprinkler alternative? Check out OxyReduct®

Fire prevention in partly or fully-automated high-rack warehouse environments

Forget damage control and chose active fire prevention with OxyReduct® instead. By introducing carefully measured nitrogen into protected areas, OxyReduct® lowers oxygen levels just enough to prevent fires from starting.


Why OxyReduct?


OxyReduct® extracts nitrogen directly from the ambient air and uses it to reduce oxygen concentration levels


Fire protection concept and system implementation are tailored to individual needs.

Simple, yet sophisticated

OxyReduct® extracts nitrogen directly from the ambient air and uses it to reduce oxygen concentration levels


VPSA offers potential energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional membrane technology.


ith OxyReduct®, there is no residue, ash or extinguishing gas.

Tested and certified

OxyReduct® is tried and tested by hundreds of leading warehouse operators around the globe.


OxyReduct® was developed by WAGNER, a global technology leader in nitrogen fire prevention as a powerful fire sprinkler alternative.